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How To: Get Your Tank Open If It's Seized!

How To: Get Your Tank Open If It's Seized!

Can't get your tank open or off of your battery?

If you can't get your tank open or off of your battery there are 3 main tools that can help you do it:

  1. Rubber Bands: often times your just can't get a proper grip on your tank to open it because of how small it is! A great way to get that extra bit of grip is to put a rubber band around the section of your tank that you can't quite get a hold of with your hands. Just wrap the rubber band around your tank a few times until it's firmly on there and use that to hold onto! If you are still slipping, add another rubber band to the other part of your tank you're trying to hold. If using more than one rubber band, make sure you aren't covering the gap where your tank is trying to open!
  2. Micro-Screwdrivers: even if you don't have a proper set of micro-screwdrivers lying around you probably have a tiny set of screwdrivers from a Christmas cracker: find them! You might even have one if you've purchased an RDA/RDTA/RBA. How you use these is to seat them firmly within your airflow (if you don't know where this is, exhale into your tank through your drip tip whilst pressing the fire button for a couple of seconds: you should see vapour coming out of them); you might need to try a few of your screwdrivers before you find one that fits properly. Once it's in, this should give you lots of leverage to ease your tank open or off of your mod. You have to make sure the screwdriver is seated correctly if you're opening something to give your purchase in the right direction (lefty loosey, righty tighty!), but once it's in this should be easy... just make sure it's in properly and not moving when you start to apply pressure or you might break your screwdriver or have it pop out and stick into your hand, so be careful!
  3. Pliers or Maul Grips: these need to be used with great care. If you're looking to get an old coil out, you can get some pliers on it on not worry too much above damaging your coil because you're throwing it away! If you're using these to get your tank open there are 2 things to be aware of if your placing them directly onto your tank to get leverage:
    1. Beware of scratching and mishaping your tank! You can apply a lot of force with pliers or maul grips so you want to make sure you have something in between the metal of your tank and the metal of your tank: a good amount of tissue paper or some sort of fabric should do and will stop you scratching everything. You need enough so it won't rip through under pressure and not so much that you can't get a proper grip. As mentioned, you can still bend or break bits of your tank with these so ease pressure on gradually and don't just go Hulk with everything you've got.
    2. Never use these on glass. Ever. You always want to make sure pressure is never applied to the glass. If you can't get a grip without putting pressure on glass then don't use this method, because you'll just smash it: it's that simple.

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