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How To: Prime Your Coil and Dry Pulling

How To: Prime Your Coil and Dry Pulling

What to do when you change your coil and how to get it started quicker!

A coil has two main parts that help you get your vapour; a 'coil' of metal and the wick that feeds it. Think of it like a kettle with more cotton! To produce vapour the wick needs to have e-liquid on it so that the coil has something to vaporize... if it doesn't then you're just heating metal on its own and that's never good. If you put power through your coil when the wick is dry then you can burn your wicking material and ruin your coil. If you inhale when doing this then you're going to get a 'dry hit' which is one of the worst experiences it's possible to have (#FirstWorldProblems): in short, don't.

Now you can just fill up your tank and leave it for 5-10 minutes before using it depending on the size of your coil (the bigger the coil, the longer you leave it), but you can do a couple of things to speed the process up!

  1. Prime Your Coil: the image above is very general, but the principle is the same with all coils. You add a few drops of e-liquid to the liquid inlets on the side of your coil (these are the little white circles you see on the image above and can be found in one form or another on most coils) and a few drops down the top of it directly onto the coil. If you've got a coil with multiple cores (loadsa holes, if you're looking at it from the top) then you should add a few drops down each core. It's important not to add too much liquid directly onto the coil or you'll flood it, which basically means you'll get a lot of burbling and spitting when you try to use you coil and could also lead to e-liquid leaking from your airflow. Check out this article here for LINK how to deal with a flooded coil LINK. Try to prime your fresh coil when it's seated in your tank if your tank allows it to save you from getting e-liquid all over your hands! Anyway, this is the first step and that alone will help speed up getting to use your coil by speeding up the rate of absorption when you fill your tank... to really get things sped up, see #2.
  2. Dry Pulling: We've heard it called different things and some people just count it as part of the priming process, but we want to try and coin at least one phrase (even if that's what someone called it when they showed us!). Once you've installed your coil, primed it and filled you tank then put it on your mod or battery: but make sure it's turned off! Then with your airflow open and running no power through your coil, inhale a few times. Then close your airflow and inhale a few more times... you'll feel a lot of resistance here but that's OK. Then open your airflow again and inhale a couple more times. You should be able to start tasting the aroma of your e-liquid coming through on the air. At this point you can turn your mod on: if it allows you to change the wattage, then set it at the minimum wattage the manufacturer recommends for your coil or even a little less! Then start some very small inhalations with power, gradually building the length of your draws. You should notice the vapour and flavour building. When you're getting good flavour coming through you can start to increase the power to where you want it. If it any stage you are just getting a harsh taste with no flavour STOP! Back to dry pulling for you!

The above 2 steps should take your wait down from 5-10 minutes to 1-2 minutes before you can start vaping on your new coil once you get your technique nailed!

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