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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Site

Can I change when I get my subscription? Yes! In your account under 'My Subscriptions' you can:

  1. Change The Interval: How often your subscription is delivered, from 1-10 weeks in 1 week increments.
  2. Pause Your Subscription: Don't need your subscription right now? You can pause it. It will still keep the same interval and next renewal date, however, it won't be active until you unpause it. E.g. If it's due for renewal tomorrow and you pause it we won't take payment tomorrow, only on the next renewal date after you unpause.
  3. Resupply: Need the items in your subscription now? If you resupply we'll create another order for the items on your subscription and send them to you right away. This won't change anything about your subscription.

Can I change the items on my subscription? If you want to change the items on your subscription, you're going to have to create a new subscription for the items you want and cancel the subscription for the items you don't need anymore.

When is my subscription due and when will payment be taken? You can see when your subscription is next due for renewal in your account under 'My Subscriptions'. Payment will be taken for your subscription in the AM of the day it's due for renewal.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, at anytime you want in your account under 'My Subscriptions'.

Do I have to subscribe? No! Select 'Buy Once' under 'Subscription Plan' when you're looking for your coils. However, we only offer discounts for subscriptions. You'll still get free delivery though!

Do I have to be in to receive my order? Generally, no! Unless your order is really big (10+ packs) all of our packages will fit through your letterbox. As long as you have a letterbox, you won't have to be in!

How much is delivery? It's free!

What coils fit my tank? You can search for your tank on our website ('Find Coils' at the top of the page or in the menu for mobile, then 'Search by Tanks'). Find your tank and then click on it. Scroll down the page you'll see the coils that fit your tank!

How do I change my coil? This is different for each tank, we're currently adding videos to show you how to do this and to check if we've got one for your tank then search for your tank and click on it. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there might be a video showing you how!

What does 'Vapour Production' mean? We've ranked all of the coils we offer out of 5 for how much vapour it's going to produce which we represent with little clouds. Coils with 5 clouds are the most powerful coils we offer and everything is ranked in relation to these.

What type of liquid should I use? What does it all mean? If you've got any questions about vaping then check out our 'Tips and Tricks' to see our useful guides for vaping.

Can't find what you're looking for? Then email us at

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